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Welcome to O! Millionaire Results, your one-stop platform to see the winning numbers and Green Certificate ID weekly!

O! Millionaire is a “green initiative” originally conceived to create a state-of-the-art Oasis Park in all barren lands across the world, built collaboratively around “Green Certificates” and a promise to those with a heart for the planet to achieve their “best life.” Marketed as a raffle-like “draw,” O! Millionaire beckons players to “spend as little as AED 25 and win up to AED 200,000,000.”


To participate, players select seven numbers and buy a Green Certificate for AED 25, with numbers ranging from one to 44 in any order. To win the Grand Prize of over AED 50,000,000, participants must match all seven numbers, while to win the raffle draw of AED 100,000, they must match their Green Certificate’s ID number. In spending a little extra, participants can double and secure the Grand Prize.


To find out if they’ve won, O! Millionaire participants can watch the live draw every Thursday at 8 pm (GST).

Draw Results

Find the past winning combinations and Green Certificate IDs for the Grand Draw and Raffle Draw below.

How to Win at O! Millionaire?

It is easy to win at O! Millionaire. For the Grand Draw, you only need to match at least three numbers out of seven to win a prize. Match six out of seven to win the Second Prize, which is worth AED 500,000. When you match all seven, the participant gets the entire Grand Prize amount unless there is also another winner.


Participants can choose to “Secure the Grand Prize” for an additional AED 7.50. In that case, they can keep the entire amount to themselves, and split only with winners who secured as well. They can also “Double the Grand Prize” to win twice the current amount, which is now over AED 140 million.


For the Raffle Draw, participants only need to purchase a Green Certificate. A randomizer selects from valid Green Certificates for that draw week, and one winner will emerge and bring home AED 100,000.

O! Millionaire Boost the Grand Prize – Double & Secure

By spending an additional 12.50 AED, O! Millionaire participants can double the Grand Prize, allowing them to win twice as much as their total winning prize. For an additional 7.50 AED, participants can keep the Grand Prize for themselves, earning their total winnings without having to share with other winners. Similarly, for an additional 20 AED, participants can double the Grand Prize and keep it for themselves when they match all seven numbers.


Every Green Certificate purchased by participants is a contribution to O! Millionaire’s tree-planting initiative, ultimately contributing to the world’s most sustainable green park

O! Millionaire 5 Winning Categories

To win the Grand Prize, participants need to match their seven lucky numbers.

Winning Categories

Grand Prize > Match seven out of seven > Win AED Grand Prize (price increases weekly by AED 500,000)
Second Prize > Match six out of seven > Win AED 500,000
Third Prize > Match five out of seven > Win AED 5,000
Fourth Prize > Match four out of seven > Win AED 50
Fifth Prize > Match three out of seven > Win AED 10


All Green Certificate holders are automatically entered into the weekly raffle draw, where they can win AED 100,000 or win the Grand Prize of over AED 50,000,000. Win big, and save the planet! Get a Green Certificate for AED 25; join the O! Millionaire Green Initiative to create Oasis Park at

O! Millionaire Green Certificate

Transforming the World with the Green Certificate: An O! Millionaire Initiative

Win big, and save the planet! Get a Green Certificate for AED 25; join the O! Millionaire Green Initiative to create Oasis Park at


Have you experienced supporting a good cause and then getting rewarded for your participation? At O! Millionaire, that is the vision! Let’s explore the incredible impact of the Green Certificate, a powerful instrument of change; it not only offers a chance to win amazing prizes but also contributes to the creation of Oasis Park—an ambitious project aimed at transforming barren lands into lush forests. By purchasing a Green Certificate for AED 25, you gain entry into the Raffle and Grand Draws while you make the Earth greener. Come and delve into the details of how this initiative works.

How to Participate in the O! Millionaire Draws?

To participate in the Grand Draw and Raffle Draw, you must create an account at using your devices. Click ‘Buy Now’ on the menu to be redirected to the Green Certificate purchase page. You will have the option to select the quantity. Afterwards, select seven of your favorite numbers per entry. Choose the draw date you desire and proceed to ‘Add To Cart.’ You can Double and Secure the Grand Prize before proceeding to ‘Checkout.’

O! Millionaire Live Draw Time

O! Millionaire holds its Live Draw every Thursday, at 8 PM (UAE), airing on both Facebook and YouTube. The winning numbers and Green Certificate ID are announced by Maradona Rebello. Participants can also view winner announcements on the official social media platforms of O! Millionaire.


TikTok:  #OMillionaire   


Winners will receive email and SMS notifications on the email and number that they used to register at

O! Millionaire Official Contact Details

The official customer service center number of O! Millionaire is 800 645 54667 (Millions). Participants can also reach out via


O! Millionaire is a Green Initiative draw in which people participate globally. The company ensures fairness and transparency by drawing the winning numbers live and broadcasting through its media channels. Currently, there are 142 participating countries. Participants may view our Terms & Conditions here.