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About Us

Welcome to O! Millionaire Results, your one-stop platform to see the winning numbers and Green Certificate ID weekly!

O! Millionaire is a “green initiative” originally conceived to create a state-of-the-art Oasis Park in all barren lands across the world, built collaboratively around “Green Certificates” and a promise to those with a heart for the planet to achieve their “best life.” Marketed as a raffle-like “draw,” O! Millionaire beckons players to “spend as little as AED 25 and win up to AED 200,000,000.”


To participate, players select seven numbers and buy a Green Certificate for AED 25, with numbers ranging from one to 44 in any order. To win the Grand Prize of over AED 50,000,000, participants must match all seven numbers, while to win the raffle draw of AED 100,000, they must match their Green Certificate’s ID number. In spending a little extra, participants can double and secure the Grand Prize.


To find out if they’ve won, O! Millionaire participants can watch the live draw every Thursday at 8 pm (GST).

Brand Positioning: Vision and Mission

O! Millionaire is being viewed as a global movement focused on reducing carbon emissions to create a more sustainable home for Earth’s people, its efforts aligned with the United Nations’ 2030 sustainable development goals. The initiative recognizes pro-environment choices by promises the “best life” for its pro-planet contributors. Seeking to attain a greener world through Green Certificates and tree seeds planted, O! Millionaire encourages cooperation through eco-responsible events, draws and sustainable merchandise manufactured to spread awareness of crucial matters. According to O! Millionaire representatives, the overarching goal is to be a large-scale, internationally-recognized institution working closely with communities so they can live with a sense of duty – one which combats global warming in every action taken.

One Vision, One Global Oasis

In seeking to create a state-of-the-art future for the world through Oasis Parks in every barren land, O! Millionaire stresses, via collaborative initiatives, that there can be a home for ecosystems and people to share. Representatives envision zero carbon emissions through sustainable infrastructure and tree-planting efforts, attempting to revitalize under-utilized locations and leave a lasting impact on the planet’s environmental state. The contributions of individuals purchasing Green Certificates and tree seeds are at the core of this “green movement” to encourage even non-participants to spark change.


Inspired by the concept of “camaraderie for change,” O! Millionaire seeks to bring the Earth’s people toward one goal of sustainability and a greener planet, all while rewarding conscious prosocial choices. Operating under the belief that winning

one’s best life includes internal and external objectives – such as realizing dreams and creating a more breathable and zero-carbon environment – O! Millionaire personnel provides citizens a “reachable experience” of those “best lives.”


The primary objective of this undertaking is to plant 100 million trees in barren lands globally as a step toward the O! Millionaire green transformation; every Oasis Park will provide its own water supply through an atmospheric water generator (AWG) and will be run by solar plants and windmills to end the traditional reliance on burning coal and oil. These natural systems, according to O! Millionaire executives, ensure the park’s sustainability, limiting waste while improving quality of life.


O! Millionaire, intending to increase natural reserves, hopes to give the gift of abundance amidst these undertakings

Brand Values and Promises

“For the People, with the People.”


While O! Millionaire is a global initiative seeking to stand with the people in creating sustainable futures through present impactful steps, it is also considered a brand by which people can enjoy life in a personalized manner, all according to their interpretation of what “the best” should be.


United by the single vision of finding an oasis amid barrenness, the Oasis Park concept represents a conscious collaborative – conscious of what the world needs, and collaboration in the sense that multiple government entities, private companies and non-profit organizations come together globally for its success. At the center of this green initiative are generations of leaders and driven participants who cooperate in devising a solution for the soon-to-be irreversible climate shift.

Green Initiative Targets

The primary vision of the O! Millionaire green initiative is to build sustainable communities through the reduction of carbon emissions, afforestation and the creation of a fortress for land and ecosystems. O! Millionaire’s founding in 2022 paved the way for millions of trees to be planted, slowly assisting the materialization of the official Oasis Park model blueprint; it is believed that through global and organizational collaborations, these targets can be attained.