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O! Millionaire Green Certificate

Transforming the World with the Green Certificate: An O! Millionaire Initiative

Win big, and save the planet! Get a Green Certificate for AED 25; join the O! Millionaire Green Initiative to create Oasis Park at

Have you experienced supporting a good cause and then getting rewarded for your participation? At O! Millionaire, that is the vision! Let’s explore the incredible impact of the Green Certificate, a powerful instrument of change; it not only offers a chance to win amazing prizes but also contributes to the creation of Oasis Park—an ambitious project aimed at transforming barren lands into lush forests. By purchasing a Green Certificate for AED 25, you gain entry into the Raffle and Grand Draws while you make the Earth greener. Come and delve into the details of how this initiative works.


1. The Green Certificate: Planting Seeds of Change

The Green Certificate is more than just a typical raffle entry—it symbolizes the potential of a single tree seed. Each purchase of a Green Certificate directly supports Oasis Park, a project that aims to create a haven for millions of trees powered by renewable energies. By investing in the Green Certificate, you contribute to a greener future and help combat climate change.


2. How it Works: Raffle Draw and Grand Draw

With a purchase of AED 25, you automatically gain an entry into the weekly Raffle Draw, where a lucky winner walks away with AED 100,000. The excitement doesn’t end there. The Green Certificate also serves as an entry to the Grand Draw. To win the Grand Prize, you must select seven lucky numbers that match at least three of the seven numbers drawn during the Live Draw every Thursday at 8 PM (UAE time).


3. Doubling and Securing Your Winnings

In the Grand Draw, if you match all seven numbers in no particular order, you win the incredible Grand Prize, currently valued at over 75 million dirhams. However, O! Millionaire offers the opportunity to double or secure your winnings. By paying an additional AED 12.50, you can DOUBLE your prize amount, while for an extra AED 7.50, you can SECURE your winnings, ensuring you don’t miss out on your well-deserved reward.


4. The Green Initiative: Building Oasis Park

Oasis Park is not just a dream; it is a reality that we can collectively create. By purchasing the Green Certificate, you contribute directly to the development of Oasis Park—a green oasis that will flourish from the barren lands. The funds generated from Green Certificate sales go entirely towards the construction of Oasis Park, which will serve as a home for millions of trees and operate on renewable energies to reduce carbon dioxide emissions in the atmosphere.


5. Join the Movement: Get Your Green Certificate Today!

By purchasing a Green Certificate for AED 25, you have an entry into the Raffle and Grand Draws but also become an active participant in the global movement towards a greener Earth. With each Green Certificate purchased, the dream of Oasis Park transforms into a reality. Head to to get your Green Certificate and make a difference today.


The Green Certificate offered by O! Millionaire is a unique opportunity to contribute to the creation of Oasis Park while having a chance to win incredible prizes. Remember, each Green Certificate you purchase represents a seed of change, and together, we can make our planet greener, one certificate at a time. Get your Green Certificate today to join the O! Millionaire Green Initiative, and watch your dreams unfold every Thursday at 8 PM (UAE) on Facebook and YouTube.