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O! Millionaire Episode 101: Pave the way for O! Millionaire's 101st Draw Blazes with a MEGA AED 100 MILLION Grand Prize!

Another Happy Thursday here at O! Millionaire, and everything just keeps getting exciting and exciting!

Players were eager to witness the back-to-back historic milestone exclusively here at the World’s First Green Draw. A little recap: We celebrated the 100th Draw and as we all know, we add five hundred thousand dirhams each week. So for our 101st draw, O! Millionaire just reached the biggest grand prize of one hundred million dirhams and will stay like that until someone claims it. It’s just going to get bigger than that with O! Millionaire’s Double & Secure the Grand Prize, and bring home the bacon of two hundred million dirhams.

But the excitement doesn’t end there, to celebrate this special episode, host and actor-environmentalist, Maradona Rebello gave away free plays to viewers of the live draw by scanning the QR code displayed on the screen for 10 seconds.

APR 18 - Winning Nos

Green Certificate ID: WNKD BPGB

Grand Prize Winning Numbers: 1 • 5 • 15 • 25 • 29 • 32 • 44

O! Millionaire over 101 Thursday celebrates the Unforgettable Journey to One Hundred Million Dirhams


For over 101 Thursdays, O! Millionaire has spun dreams into reality with every turn of the green and blue balls. But this week, history unfolds as the biggest grand prize is up for grabs to anyone in the world who wants to take a chance.

And it also gets better, you can multiply the Grand Prize to two, with the Double & Secure option giving the opportunity of taking home two hundred million dirhams.

Don’t miss the most electrifying O! Millionaire draw yet! Every Thursday at 8 pm GST, witness your life unfold and see if this week marks your destiny. Be a part of this historic moment and win the life you’ve always envisioned with AED 100 Million.


The Seven Winning Numbers for Episode 101


#Omillionaire is a life-changing platform that offers the chance to transform your life every Thursday at 8 PM (GST). Hosted by the actor-environmentalist Maradona Rebello who brings you the biggest prize money around.

O! Millionaire is also about building a better future for everyone. Embrace our #OasisPark movement and take a step toward healing the Earth with a global initiative. With just AED 25, your Green Certificate purchase lets you contribute, and plant a seed for a healthier planet. This innovative program has captured the hearts of people worldwide, regardless of background. O! Millionaire offers a unique chance to win big and create a lasting impact – all in one incredible experience.

In the latest live stream of O! Millionaire on April 18, 2024, the anticipation reached its peak as the winning numbers for the week were revealed: 1, 5, 15, 25, 29, 32, 44. These digits held the key to a jaw-dropping AED 100 million Grand Prize.

For those daring enough to aim higher, O! Millionaire offers the chance to double their winnings with Double & Secure. Choosing for this option means potentially taking home a staggering AED 200 million.

Even sweeter news! Every week, O! Millionaire picks a lucky Green Certificate holder to win a cool AED 100,000 Raffle Prize. Congratulations to Green Certificate ID WNKD BPGB, for this week’s Raffle Prize winner.

Didn’t hit the jackpot? No worries! O! Millionaire is all about making dreams come true, and that means amazing prizes for everyone who plays. Click here to see the exciting rewards waiting for you!

Winners can easily check their winnings in their wallet at The site automatically updates with any new information after the draw.

About the Live Draw

Experience the thrill of changing your life! O! Millionaire offers amazing prizes, like the still unclaimed Mega Grand Prize, but that’s just the start. We’re passionate about creating a better future. When you join O! Millionaire for just AED 25, you’re not just playing for a dream, you’re contributing to a greener planet through our #OasisPark initiative. #WinYourBestLife while creating a healthier planet.

We prioritize transparency and fairness. Explore our thorough quality-checking process here for complete peace of mind.

This is just the beginning!  Get ready for unforgettable experiences only here at the World’s First Green Draw, O! Millionaire.