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O! Millionaire Episode 104: Grow Your Chances, Grow a Forest: Boost Your Chances to Win AED 100 Million & Help the Planet with Oasis Park!

Feeling stuck? The O! Millionaire 104th Episode could be your escape hatch! The Grand Prize remains a captivating AED 100 Million, attracting players with a chance to rewrite their destinies.  But here’s the twist: O! Millionaire isn’t just about individual fortune. Every entry you make fuels Oasis Park’s mission to plant trees in arid regions, making a real difference for our planet.


Sound exciting? It gets better! Imagine the thrill of potentially winning life-changing wealth, and double it with O! Millionaire’s Double & Secure the Grand Prize and take home AED 200 Million! All of this while simultaneously contributing to a healthier planet.  Could you be the next multi-millionaire who also helps heal the Earth?

And that’s right! The iconic O! Millionaire Draw Machine is back in action! We’re thrilled to have it in our new state-of-the-art studio, ensuring fair and exciting draws for everyone.

Be a part of something bigger, today. No matter your background, O! Millionaire offers a unique opportunity to win big and support a greener future.

Green Certificate ID: 9R8Y DAWG

Grand Prize Winning Numbers: 9 • 20 • 28 • 30 • 33 • 38 • 41

Wig Big & Give Back! Join O! Millionaire In Supporting Oasis Park’s Global Reforestation

Oasis Park is a global reforestation force, transforming barren landscapes into thriving ecosystems. Starting in India with a total of 51,800 trees planted in just 103 weeks.

But here’s the exciting part: with every O! Millionaire Green Certificate you purchase, you directly contribute to Oasis Park’s mission. Currently, we plant 500 trees each week!


These Green Certificates, not only fuel a greener future, but also represent your chance to win the biggest grand prize. So, join the movement today – purchase a Green Certificate, be a part of O! Millionaire’s thrilling draw, and leave a lasting legacy of a healthier planet.


Watch the full video and learn how to register for O! Millionaire in a flash!

Still buzzing from the 104rd episode? Relive the magic here:

The Seven Winning Numbers for Episode 104

Imagine a life free from financial worries – a life where every day brings the chance to pursue your dreams. Winning is beyond luck, it is about dedication too.

O! Millionaire, the global winning platform that offers you to Win Your Best Life, grants everyone an equal opportunity to win up to 100 million dirhams. Hosted by the actor-environmentalist Maradona Rebello, who welcomes you to a thrilling experience, all the while making a difference for each Green Certificate.


Don’t wait for tomorrow.  Be a part of something bigger and become a winner – for yourself and for the environment.

Every week, O! Millionaire offers a thrilling chance to win big! During the May 9, 2024 live-streamed draw, anticipation builds as the winning numbers were revealed: 9, 20, 28, 30, 33, 38, 41! Did yours match all seven? You could be celebrating a windfall that would make your dreams a reality!


Level up your game with O! Millionaire’s Double & Secure the Grand Prize, and get ready to win AED 200 Million!

O! Millionaire doesn’t end without a winner, each week there’s one guaranteed Raffle Winner, and this week, let’s give it up to Green Certificate ID 9R8Y DAWG!

A winner gives back, O! Millionaire’s Green Certificate contributes to the Oasis Park initiative with a goal in mind of 60 million trees in arid desert lands worldwide. Head over to the O! Millionaire Website and explore the amazing prizes awaiting you.


Never miss a win! Your online wallet automatically updates after each draw, keeping you informed of any lucky news.

About the Live Draw

Every Green Certificate is a chance to rewrite your story. Every draw is a pulse-pounding journey towards a dream come true. O! Millionaire invites you to claim your shot at the extraordinary – a chance to win an AED 100 Million Grand Prize (and more!)

O! Millionaire puts you in control of your dreams. But the rewards go beyond just the money.


For a mere AED 25, you become a player in your own destiny. Not only do you chase your dreams with every draw, but you also contribute to a greener future through the #OasisPark project. Win big while leaving a positive mark on the world!

Transparency is our priority. We encourage you to check out our quality-checking process here for complete peace of mind.

Remember, fortune favors the bold. Are you ready for the next draw?