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O! Millionaire Episode 106: Play Green & Win Big! Your Green Certificate to Changing Lives & Making a Difference

Another fulfilling Thursday night as O! Millionaire keeps on bringing you closer to #WinYourBestLife. The Grand Prize still stands at One Hundred Million Dirhams. Elevate your dreams with our Double & Secure the Grand Prize and bring home an incredible Two Hundred Million Dirhams! 


O! Millionaire has been giving chances all around the world to follow their passions. And it is YOUR time to chase yours. Just imagine what you could achieve with the Grand Prize: open a business, take a long vacation, and secure your future. All while contributing to helping heal the planet.  



May 23 - Winning Nos

Green Certificate ID: R38V 5XT3

Grand Prize Winning Numbers: 5 • 9 • 11 • 12• 22 •29 • 42


O! Millionaire Green Certificate: Your Sustainable Entry to Millions


Want to take your first step to riches and to a greener future? O! Millionaire Green Certificate is the perfect thing for that. 

Every Thursday, play for a chance to win up to Two Hundred Million Dirhams Grand Prize, or be the one lucky winner of the One Hundred Thousand Dirhams from our Weekly Raffle. 


But there is always more! Beyond the incredible prizes, O! Millionaire empowers you to be a part of something bigger. Each Green Certificate funds the reforestation project with Oasis Park. Aiming to plant 60 million trees in arid desert lands.  


So, what are you waiting for? Pursue your passions, see the world, or live in your dream home with your O! Millionaire winnings. Get your Green Certificate today for just 25 dirhams!


See the Green Certificate changing lives! Watch the full video here:


Did you catch the exciting moments in the 106th episode? Rewind and share your thoughts!

The Seven Winning Numbers for Episode 106


With O! Millionaire, a few clicks will get you to play for a chance of taking home a prize big as One Hundred Million Dirhams!


All of this with your Green Certificate for as little as 25 dirhams. Take your chance as many with our weekly grand draw, plus the exciting raffle!


With every draw, you don’t only play for your dream life, but you’re also playing a part in creating a greener future. Maradona Rebello, actor-environmentalist and O! Millionaire host, is with you through the experience, making the journey towards your dreams as thrilling as the destination.


Take the first step, get your Green Certificate today and join the fun of winning big.

Draw 106 - O! Millionaire with Maradona Rebello

Dreams Do Come True with O! Millionaire!


The 106th Draw Live Stream on May 23, 2024, was a night to remember! As the winning combination were revealed: 5, 9, 11, 12, 22, 29, and 42!


Want more excitement? Each Thursday we crowned a Raffle Winner of One Hundred Thousand Dirhams. Congratulations to the player with the Green Certificate ID R38V 5XT3!


Could YOU be the next big winner? With O! Millionaire, every Green Certificate is your chance to turn your dreams of financial security, travelling, or a new business into reality. Don’t let your dreams remain just dreams. Visit O! Millionaire website to learn more about the prizes waiting for you!

About the Live Draw


Here at O! Millionaire, we don’t just add excitement to your life, we make dreams a reality! While the One Hundred Million Grand Prize awaits its lucky winner, countless participants have already walked away with incredible prizes from our weekly draw every Thursday at 8 PM (GST).


O! Millionaire is committed to transforming lives and the world. Each play counts for shaping our dreams and healing the Earth. Our Green Certificates funds the environmental initiative with #OasisPark, currently planting 500 trees weekly in India.  


For 25 dirhams, you too can do anything. Change your life today.


Check out our quality testing process here, so you can play with complete ease.

Ready for more? Bigger prizes are just around the corner. Stay tuned!