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O! Millionaire Episode 111: Plant & Win: Every Green Certificate Counts Towards a Sustainable Tomorrow

O! Millionaire ushers in the month of July with the chance to win life-changing prizes instantly while making a positive impact on the environment.


As we celebrate the Hijri New Year with our Muslim brothers and sisters around the world, O! Millionaire extends heartfelt greetings and best wishes for the Islamic New Year.

Supporting Plastic Free July

In solidarity with the global movement, O! Millionaire is spreading the message of Plastic Free July. Plastic pollution is a significant contributor to climate change, but together we can make a difference. At O! Millionaire, we are taking part in fighting global warming and climate change with our Green Initiative to plant 60 million trees through Oasis Park. By raising awareness and taking action, we can make a difference.

JULY 4 - Winning Nos

Green Certificate ID: C2WR 3PZW

Grand Prize Winning Numbers: 3 • 21 • 22 • 29 • 33 • 36 • 38

The Importance of Trees in Mitigating Climate Change

Did you know that trees have thousands of tiny openings in their leaves called stomata. These tiny openings are taking a big bite out of climate change by absorbing and locking away carbon dioxide, a major cause of global warming. The tiny openings make trees a crucial component in mitigating climate change.


Oasis Park, in collaboration with O! Millionaire plans to plant 60 million trees in arid desert lands, offsetting 1.4 million tons of carbon dioxide annually. Currently, Oasis Park has successfully planted 56,000 trees, planting 500 trees every week in various parts of India. With every purchase of AED 25 Green Certificate, participants help us plant the seeds of tomorrow today!

The seven winning numbers for episode 112

Join O! Millionaire every Thursday at 8 PM (GST) with host, actor-environmentalist Maradona Rebello, to win life-changing prizes while making a difference.

Draw 112

In the draw held on July 4, 2024, the winning combination of numbers — 3 , 21, 22, 29, 33, 36, and 38 – were announced along with the Green Certificate ID C2WR 3PZW. If you are one of the lucky winners, your prize will be automatically reflected in your O! Millionaire Wallet.


In case you missed it, watch the Live Draw here:

O! Millionaire Podcast

O! Millionaire CEO Ralph Clemens Martin will be joined by a new guest host, Smitha Prabhakar. She’s a multifaceted female CEO and a remarkable entrepreneur in the Middle East. Catch the exciting episode of the O! Millionaire podcast every Saturday on your favorite streaming platforms including Spotify, BuzzSprout, and YouTube.

About the Live Draw

The #OMillionaire Green Draw offers thrilling prizes while supporting an environmental initiative. In collaboration with Oasis Park, every AED 25 Green Certificate purchase contributes to tree planting, promoting sustainability. You can buy your Green Certificate here.


O! Millionaire upholds transparency and fairness as core values, with its meticulous quality-checking process accessible for all to observe. If you want to know more, explore how O! Millionaire exemplifies best practices.