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Celebrating O! Millionaire Episode 60 Winners & Uncovering the Vision of Oasis Park with Millionaire Chairman Ralph Martin

O! Millionaire, the greenest draw on Earth, is excited to announce the winners of Episode 60 and dive into the vision of Oasis Park. Chairman Ralph Martin reveals the reason behind Oasis Park in an interview with our host, Maradona Rebello. The Grand Prize is now at 79.5 million dirhams.

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On Episode 60, O! Millionaire Chairman Ralph Martin revealed the driving force behind Oasis Park. The importance of this visionary project lies in its dedication to creating a sustainable future—especially in the arid desert regions of the Middle East. By planting trees through the tree planting program, Oasis Park aims to combat global warming and contribute to carbon sequestration. Additionally, Oasis Park utilizes advanced technology like atmospheric water generators (AWGs) to produce clean drinking water from the air, highlighting their commitment to environmental preservation.


The Oasis Park vision extends beyond a single location; it serves as an inspiration for communities, governments, and individuals worldwide. By participating in the greenest draw on Earth, players not only stand a chance to win life-changing prizes but also actively contribute to the greener reality Oasis Park represents.


“Having the Oasis Park, and together with O! Millionaire, the people buy Green Certificates, contribute to Oasis Park, and have a chance to win big,” stated Chairman Ralph Martin. Watch full interview on our YouTube channel.

The Seven-Number Winning Combination for Episode 60


The #OMillionaire Green Initiative Draw is a multi-platform draw that offers exciting prizes to participants on a weekly basis. It is the greenest draw on Earth, aiming to improve lives and make dreams come true for winners, all while creating Oasis Park – a state-of-the-art greener reality where millions of trees are expected to thrive, one per purchase of the Green Certificate. The Live Draw takes place every Thursday at 8 PM in the local United Arab Emirates time zone (GMT +4) and offers a thrilling experience, with actor-environmentalist Maradona Rebello as the host. It has become a big hit among participants, attracting people from all walks of life due to an excellent opportunity to participate in a global Green Initiative while standing a chance to their best lives.


The replay of Episode 60 is available for viewing on the official O! Millionaire YouTube channel.

Watch the O! Millionaire Episode Draw 60 replay here.

Episode 60 was streamed live on Facebook and YouTube on July 6, 2023. The winning numbers are 2, 6, 14, 16, 23, 38, and 42, with the lucky Green Certificate ID being 7ZPK WS6G. The Grand Prize stands at 79.5 million dirhams. If the participants doubled their winning amount, they can win as much as 159 million dirhams. Congratulations to all the winners!


The prizes won are automatically reflected at Participants must log in to their O! Millionaire accounts to access the page and check their balance.


For those who haven’t yet joined the O! Millionaire family, it’s never too late to be part of this incredible green initiative. Purchase your Green Certificates for upcoming episodes and seize the opportunity to win big while making a positive impact on our planet.

About the Live Draw

The #OMillionaire Green Draw is known for providing its winners with life-changing experiences. It’s incredible to see how these prizes transform the lives of participants, giving them a chance to pursue their dreams and live the life they have always wanted. Although no one has won the Grand Prize yet, there have been numerous winners who matched six out of seven numbers. Every week, the Raffle Draw also guarantees one Green Certificate holder a prize of AED 100,000. Testimonies can be seen at


Transparency lies at the heart of O! Millionaire’s ethos, as the draw’s results are broadcasted live on both YouTube and Facebook. It continues fostering unwavering credibility and trust among its audience. O! Millionaire understands the importance of transparency in this pursuit, and it goes to great lengths to ensure that the draws are conducted fairly. The public can watch the quality-checking process here.


Episode 60 of O! Millionaire has not only celebrated the winners but also shed light on the inspiring vision of Oasis Park. Through tree planting and technological advancements, Oasis Park aims to combat global warming and create a sustainable future. In a heartfelt interview, O! Millionaire Chairman Ralph Martin talks about the Oasis Park vision and how O! Millionaire rewards people’s choice to support the environmental cause.