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O! Millionaire Episode 77: Double the Luck, Double the Grand Prize

Episode 77 of O! Millionaire is not just any ordinary draw; it is a rare and lucky occurrence. With the lucky number 7 doubled and the infinite number 8 doubled as the Grand Prize reached 88 million dirhams, this episode is truly unique. These lucky numbers doubled the excitement for all O! Millionaire participants and viewers.
omillionaire episode 77

Green Certificate ID: XTZM XHAO

Grand Prize Winning Numbers: 1 • 5 • 10 • 15 • 18• 21 • 39


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Halloween Highlights: Fright Night at O! Millionaire


O! Millionaire knows how to celebrate Halloween in style, teaming up with Club Seven for a special event on October 31st, known as “Fright Night.” Attendees came dressed in their spookiest, most creative costumes, and they were in for a treat. The night was filled with thrilling rewards, and participants had the chance to win thousands of dirhams. The highlight of the night was the opportunity to claim the 100,000 dirham prize. Everyone had their chance to steal the prize, trying their lucks to unlock the vault. O! Millionaire host Maradona Rebello could not resist asking attendees about their dreams if they were to win 100 million dirhams. Their answers ranged from acts of kindness to starting businesses, and more.


Watch the full Halloween recap here.

Oasis Park Feature: Paving the Way to a Carbon-Free UAE


The Oasis Park feature in this episode focuses on an enlightening moment shared by Ralph Martin, the founder of Oasis Park, and Wella Mañabo, a distinguished Top Woman CMO in 2023. They recently participated in the 4th Panel Discussion titled “Integrating Stakeholder Alliances: To a Carbon-Free UAE” on October 30.

Ralph discussed Oasis Park’s mission wholeheartedly, allowing his passion for saving the planet to shine. He emphasized the vital role of Atmospheric Water Generators (AWGs) and renewable energies in their journey towards a greener, carbon-free UAE. Oasis Park’s vision aligns with the UAE’s commitment to environmental sustainability and promises a brighter, more eco-conscious future.


See the historical moment here.

For those who missed the live broadcast, the full replay of Episode 77 can be viewed at the official O! Millionaire YouTube channel.

The Seven Winning Numbers for Episode 77


The #OMillionaire Green Initiative Draw is a multi-platform draw that offers exciting prizes to participants on a weekly basis. It is the greenest draw on Earth, aiming to improve lives and make dreams come true for winners, all while creating Oasis Park – a state-of-the-art greener reality where millions of trees are expected to thrive, one per purchase of the Green Certificate. The Live Draw takes place every Thursday at 8 PM in the local United Arab Emirates time zone (GST) and offers a thrilling experience, with actor-environmentalist Maradona Rebello as the host. It has become a big hit among participants, attracting people from all walks of life due to an excellent opportunity to participate in a global Green Initiative while standing a chance to their best lives.


The heart of the episode, of course, is the Live Draw, where participants await the reveal of the winning numbers. On November 3, 2023, the 77th episode of O! Millionaire aired on YouTube and Facebook. The winning combination consists of the numbers 1, 5, 10, 15, 18, 21, and 39. Matching all seven numbers brings incredible joy as it means securing the biggest Grand Prize of 88 million dirhams. If doubled, participants who won the Grand Prize could even bring home up to 166 million dirhams. The lucky Green Certificate ID is XTZM XHAU, corresponding to the 100,000 dirhams Raffle Draw prize.


It is easy to win at O! Millionaire, with a match requirement of as low as three out of seven numbers. Winners can check their winnings by heading over to to view their balance. Prizes automatically reflect on this page.


About the Live Draw


The #OMillionaire Green Draw is known for providing its winners with life-changing experiences. It’s incredible to see how these prizes transform the lives of participants, giving them a chance to pursue their dreams and live the life they have always wanted. Although no one has won the Grand Prize yet, there have been numerous winners who matched six out of seven numbers. Every week, the Raffle Draw also guarantees one Green Certificate holder a prize of AED 100,000. Testimonies can be seen at the O! Millionaire YouTube channel as well.


Transparency lies at the heart of O! Millionaire’s ethos. O! Millionaire understands the importance of transparency in this pursuit, and it goes to great lengths to ensure that the draws are conducted fairly. The public can watch the quality-checking process here.


The luckiest episode of O! Millionaire has concluded successfully, starting from a little throwback to the most enjoyable Halloween party held by O! Millionaire in collaboration with Club Seven last October 31st. With Ralph Martin talking about the Oasis Park vision increasingly in stakeholder events,  the future appears greener for the O! Millionaire community and the rest of the globe. While no one wins the Grand Prize, the amount just keeps increasing by 500,000 dirhams weekly.