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O! Millionaire Episode 97: Win big while celebrating spirituality and saving the planet

In the last O! Millionaire episode, its Grand Prize reached AED 98 million! Thousands of participants are eager for the announcement of the winning numbers every Thursday during the Live Draw at 8 PM (GST), with actor-environmentalist Maradona Rebello as the host.


Green Certificate ID: PGAQ 2PDX

Grand Prize Winning Numbers: 1 • 2 • 5 • 10 • 12 • 23 • 31

O! Millionaire, however, is not only about winning prizes. It also celebrates its 96 weeks of partnership with Oasis Park, which shows its dedication to sustainability and protecting the environment.

Participants and their funds make a huge contribution to the environment’s betterment by purchasing Green Certificates as well as gift cards and other eco-friendly gifts from the O! Millionaire Shop. The goal of this game is to make the planet healthier and greener through the use of renewable energies and advanced water systems that generate water from thin air.


Participants can follow the official Instagram account of O! Millionaire to get real-time updates on the winning numbers as well as the Green Certificate ID.


The seven winning numbers for episode 97


During the latest draw on March 21, 2024, O! Millionaire, which was streamed on Facebook, announced the winning number combination: 1, 2, 5, 10, 12, 23, and 31. If a player matches all seven numbers, they can bring home the Grand Prize valued at AED 98 million!


The lucky owner of the Green Certificate ID PGAQ 2PDX will also bring home the Raffle Prize worth AED 100,000.


Winning with O! Millionaire has become easier with the Double and Secure the Grand Prize options. These features allow participants to double their potential winnings and secure the entire Grand Prize for themselves, without the need to split it with others who have the same seven-number combination as well. This allows them to enhance their chances of winning.


As a result, those who match just 3 out of 7 numbers can win huge prizes from O! Millionaire! Winners can verify their prizes using this convenient link at, where they can see the updates automatically after the draw.


For those who missed the Live Draw on March 21, 2024, which was streamed on Facebook and YouTube, catch the entire episode on the all-new O! Millionaire Live Watch page or right here.

O! Millionaire is in one with Ramadan across the globe


The holy month of Ramadan is one of the biggest religious activities observed by Muslims across the world. In Saudi Arabia, the birthplace of Islam, thousands of people worship shoulder to shoulder. This is the month when the universal message of peace, reflection, and community is delivered across each other.


Ramadan is not just about worshiping together; it is also a season of festivities, generosity, and laughter. People share food with their neighbors, eat together, and laugh together. This year’s Ramadan, O! Millionaire celebrates with Muslim brothers and sisters from across the world.


You can watch the full video about O! Millionaire standing united with the whole Islamic community during the holy month of Ramadan.

About the live draw

The #OMillionaire Green Draw is known for providing its winners with life-changing experiences. It’s incredible to see how these prizes transform the lives of participants, giving them a chance to pursue their dreams and live the life they have always wanted. Although no one has won the Grand Prize yet, there have been numerous winners who matched six out of seven numbers. Every week, the Raffle Draw also guarantees one Green Certificate holder a prize of AED 100,000. Testimonies can be seen at the O! Millionaire YouTube channel as well.

Transparency lies at the heart of O! Millionaire’s ethos. O! Millionaire understands the importance of transparency in this pursuit, and it goes to great lengths to ensure that the draws are conducted fairly. The public can watch the quality-checking process here.